When designing these purses, I decided what I did NOT want. 
Nothing against floppy bags or their makers.  That’s just not what I wanted anymore, and I felt I wasn’t alone.
First . . . a floppy bag.
I wanted a purse that would stand up when I sat it down. 
Secondly, I wanted a purse where everything had its place
and I could quickly see what I was looking for.  I didn’t want to be “diggin’ around” playing hide-n-seek with whatever was running loose in my purse. 
that I was tempted to load it down with every imaginable item I “just might need” from my medicine cabinet to my filing cabinet. 
I didn’t want my purse so big
If others won’t carry it, don’t expect me to carry it for them! 
I wanted a good looking purse that didn’t have 30 clones hanging on the same rack.
And finally,
STURDY CONSTRUCTION - UPGRADED !! - I have upgraded the basic structure to make the purse even more sturdy than before.  More work for me, but better results for you.  The bottoms are reinforced with a sturdy, flexible plastic, not cardboard. 
INTERIOR POCKETS - Pockets Galore!
There are seven pockets (actually eight depending on how you count). 

One side has four pockets, beginning with a 1-1/2” pen pocket that so many seem to love, and the remaining three pockets range from 3” to 4”, depending on the tote style. 

The opposite side has three (actually four) pockets.  The end pockets range from 2” to 3”, again depending on the style.  The center pocket is approximately 5-1/2” wide with a zippered pocket on the front of it, thus, two pockets in one.
SECURITY - Each purse comes with a reinforced magnetic snap, as well as a zipper closure.  A key-fob style tab is included to clip your key ring, coin purse, or whatever you would like to secure there. 
HANDLE CHOICES – There are three handle styles to pick from: Rope, Solid Cloth and 2-Tone Cloth.  These can always be modified to the length that best fits you.

The rope handles are looped through grommets and secured in the center with a reinforced handle cover. 

The cloth handles can either be a solid fabric handle or a two-tone handle with a second accent strip. 

The drop ranges from 11” to 14”, but can be customized upon request.  You have the choice as to which handle you would like at no additional charge.
At this time, there are two basic tote styles. 
The square and curve top tote are the same basic style, but with a different top.  They have the same size bottom and width, but the curve top is little taller.  The bottoms are 12" wide. 
The flared tote has a smaller 10" bottom and its sides flare or angle out from bottom to top.  The top opening is basically the same size as the square tote, but it angles down to a smaller bottom.
How you customize your purse is up to you!

12” x 4”
Height to Upper Edge
Height to Side Curve
12” x 4”
11” (Reg)

FABRIC – I have a rather large selection of available fabrics.  Other than team fabric, if you select a fabric from my inventory, there is no additional charge. There is an additional charge for special request fabrics. 

You decide if your purse is to be classic and dressy, go-with-everything-casual, bright and summery, or subtle tones.  I can help you choose your fabric based on the look you want. 
TEAM FABRIC – There is an additional $7 charge for team fabric, depending on the purse style and size.  Team fabric is not suitable for a purse bottom, therefore, it must be coordinated with either a solid band or nautical lower trim.
LOWER ROPE TRIM – This accent band is sewn into the bottom of the purse, but attached to the purse by grommets and nylon rope.  This band is not intended to be used as pockets. 

The rope trim can be covered to match the main purse fabric for an additional charge.
SOLID BAND LOWER TRIM – This accent is sewn into the bottom of the purse and sewn flat to the main purse fabric.
HANDLES – The nylon rope handles are looped through grommets and have a reinforced covered center. 
The cloth handles are attached with D-rings in order to give the handles more flexibility.  Please specify your handle choice.  The drop will be 11” to 14” unless otherwise specified.

. . . and you won't need to carry that heavy wallet anymore!  (But if you really like your wallet, skip this option.)

The divider will completely divide the inside of your purse into two sides.  It is attached at the bottom and sides to the lining so your items do not slide under the divider, nor around the divider.

The divider has three compartments and an upper zipper closure. 

Inside the divider is a card holder with 6 slots for cards/ID and each slot can hold two cards.  The upper edge is open for additional storage of cards, receipts, etc. 

The second interior compartment is a zippered pocket great for coins or miscellaneous items. 

On the outside of the divider is a flapped pocket great for cash, coupons, checkbook, etc. 

I no longer carry a wallet.  I can put my check book inside the divider or the outer cash pocket.  Amazing how much lighter your purse will be, and you don't have to worry about leaving your wallet on the counter!
Can’t decide which purse? 
Have an idea for another customized feature to meet your needs?
. . .  Let's Talk!

9” (Med)

8” (Sm)

LINING - Lining for each purse will vary upon availability.  I select light to medium colored fabrics so the purse does not appear so dark when you look inside.  If you prefer a dark lining, that's no problem.  Just let me know.

10” x 4”
10” (Lg)
9” x 4”
9” (Sm)
PRICING for each custom option is at the bottom of the last page
Can't decide how to customize your purse?
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That purse is Too BIG !!
WRAP AROUND POCKETS – This is a band that forms pockets around the bottom of the purse.  There are two pockets on the front and the back, and one pocket on each end.  Six pockets total.
Size doesn't matter!  Really!  These purses can be customized to fit you.  Let's talk about it!
That purse is Too SMALL !!
Now that's JUST RIGHT !!